Following in the footsteps… Ciampate of the devil

In the local dialect “ciampata” means “imprint“. For centuries, in a small town at the foot of the forested caldera now extinguished volcano of Roccamonfina, the local population was handed down the… [Continue Reading]

Journey to discover the wines Domiziani: Falerno and Falanghina

A journey to discover the wines “Domiziana”: the falerno Massico and Falanghina. Those locations of origin, production, the best wineries to taste them.

Visit Sessa Aurunca

Sessa Aurunca rappresenta una piacevole scoperta al di fuori dei comuni itinerari culturali. Innumerevoli sono le opere e i monumenti che abbracciano oltre 2000 years of history, dal periodo pre-romano… [Continue Reading]

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Journey to discover the wines Domiziani: Falerno and Falanghina A journey to discover the wines "Domiziana": the falerno Massico and Falanghina. Those locations of origin, production, the best wineries to taste them. Learn more
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Domizia Baia Mare and Tourism

Baia DomiziaBaia Domizia, for an unforgettable summer at the seaside 2014, is ready to welcome tourists with its Camping and Villages International and its wonderful hotel a 4 stars on the sea. Along miles of the Tyrrhenian coast, through sand dunes and Mediterranean, our bathing facilities are ready to welcome you for a fun day at the beach. The center of Baia Domizia is ideal for a walk, an ice cream, chat with friends, both before and after dinner.

Baia Domitia is the South Gate. This is the first Bell locations which meets once crossed the river Garigliano, coming from the north. It is a very popular tourist resort in the province of Caserta. The name refers to its location along the coast Domitius: is formed by a stretch of coastline bell placed in the center of the Gulf of Gaeta precisely so as to constitute a bay and is lined, for a long stretch, from the ancient Domitian Way.

The beach, which constitutes one of the major attractions of this resort, is of volcanic origin. The sandy beach is protected, compared to the large pine forest crossed by a myriad of paths, by a succession of dunes covered with pioneer vegetation of the beach that are well adapted to salinity and wind. Flourishing is also the typical Mediterranean maquis, which fortunately still reigns supreme for over 6km along the coast.

Own the pine is another characteristic element of Baia Domitia. It is a wooded area with almost no undergrowth planted by man during the reclamation of the area. There are several species of plants and flowers that can be found along the wooded shoreline: ranging from the so-called sea lilies safflower Rolli.

For many years this seaside resort was the most sought-after destination for tourists from northern Europe such as the German, Swedish, Dutch town Baia Domitia in which has been the subject of a targeted advertising, which had as its goal to convey on the coast the largest possible number of foreign tourists. Despite a period of great difficulty due to a number of causes, today Baia Domizia is returning to its former glory. The numerous facilities in the area can accommodate thousands of tourists. In addition to hotels and the hotels are holiday homes and holiday apartments which can satisfy the different needs of accommodation.

Baia Domitia is a tourist resort with all the comforts needed. Organized extensive sporting facilities enable you to practice any kind of sport, while the spas welcome guests to offer the ultimate in relaxation.

In the area of ​​Baia Domitia was born the true buffalo mozzarella which dates back to the time of the Saracen invasions and is now one of the most well known and most respected in the world.

Also from the Domitian coast can be reached in a short time in large cities like Naples and Formia, respectively, from where you can embark for the islands bells (Ischia, Procida, Capri) and for those pontine (Ponza and Ventotene).

Waiting to know the events of summer 2012 wish you a happy holiday to all of our guests: come in Baia Domitia for your summer vacation, between lots of sun, mare e good food!

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